Announcing the winning projects

Pitch for the Practice was a participatory budgeting initiative that allowed IAP2 members to decide what ideas they wanted to see implemented over the next 12 months.

We received ten submissions throughout the life of the initiative, and 92 members voted on which projects should receive a portion of the $100K on offer. Five of the 10 projects submitted will now become a reality.

The winning projects are:

  1. Articulous
    Evaluating the Engagement Sector
    (64 Votes, 15%) Funding won: $18,000
  2. Mendleson Consulting
    IAP2A Knowledge Exchange Program
    (58 Votes, 14%) Funding won: $18,750
  3. Double Arrow Consulting
    Deliberation in schools
    (53 votes, 13%) Funding won: $16,000
  4. ArneTech
    Digital Community Engagement in Australia
    (52 votes, 12%) Funding won: $25,000
  5. Mendleson Consulting
    The Connection Project
    (41 votes, 10%) Funding won: $22,500

Congratulations to all the winners!

This has been an exciting experience for IAP2A as it is the first time we have run a participatory budgeting process.

Check the IAP2A website for updates on the projects over the coming 12 months.

View the projects

Read more about the submitted projects.

Principles of Participatory Budgeting

Participatory budgeting (PB) can broadly be described as a democratic decision-making process where everyday citizens and decide how to allocate at least part of a budget (generally a public budget).

A summary of the principles of PB as described by Wampler (2012) are shown below:


Active citizen participation


Increased citizen authority

Social justice

Reallocation of resources


Improved transparency

To learn more about participatory budgeting, download the Introduction to PB document.