Project Description:

This research will seek to uncover best practice approaches in digital community engagement. IAP2 members and practitioners will be involved in all phases of the project; designing the research, crowd-sourcing case studies, participating in interviews and using the research as a resource for capacity building and transformation. All strategic pillars are benefited, with particular focus on Advancing Professional Development. The research will be made available in various formats to all members.

Advocating for Engagement:

The final research report will Advocate for Engagement by providing a holistic view on digital community engagement in Australia today. By creating new valuable research and by identifying best practices people will keep coming to IAP2A and these can be used for capacity building and transformation.

Strengthening Engagement Networks:

The project will strengthen the engagement network by involving practitioners in defining the scope of the research, crowdsourcing case studies and helping to define what data is most important to them. Practitioners will be invited to participate in data collection by completing surveys and featuring in interviews. What and how the data is collected will, to some extent, be determined by the crowdsourcing exercise in phase one, which may identify other preferred methods of gathering the data. The research will be disseminated via knowledge sharing events where members will be brought together to discuss the results. This may include a presentation at IAP2 and partner events but also in a form of a webinar to enable more practitioners to attend and participate.

Advocating Professional Development:

The research will support professional development by sharing best practices and challenges among members. It will also seek to identify where there are gaps in knowledge or practice that can be targeted with tailored training in the future. The case studies and findings from the report can also be added to the existing suite of IAP2A resources.The report will be presented to IAP2A members via a webinar that will be recorded for future viewings and distribution to learn and discuss the current state of digital engagement. In addition, the downloadable report will be delivered to all IAP2A members. Another option would be for preliminary results or the project in general to be presented at the IAP2A annual conference on the Gold Coast if that is seen relevant by the conference organisers and the project has preliminary results at that point available.


The main costs are the work required to run the project.The resources assigned to this project and the hourly costs are as follows:

  • Marketing Coordinator (MC), Cindy Lim, $50/hour, majority of the data collection (phase 2)
  • Communication and Engagement Expert (CEE), Charlotte Hayes, $75/hour, defining the research and analysing the results (phases 1 and 3)
  • Project / Program Manager (PM), managing director Kristian Jaakkola, $100/hour (light involvement in all phases and delivering phase 4).

The hourly costs are approximate loaded costs of the persons involved in the project but in the case of the project manager, the cost has been capped short of the real costs to keep the total project within the budget ($25,000).

Phase 1 (Planning the research): MC: 20 hours, CEE: 60 hours, PM: 10 hours, total of 90 hours /$6500

Phase 2 (Conducting the research): MC: 100 hours, CEE: 20 hours, PM: 10 hours, total of 130 hours / $7500

Phase 3 (Analysis of the results): MC: 10 hours, CEE: 60 hours, PM: 10 hours, total of 80 hours / $6000

Phase 4 (Sharing results): MC: 10 hours, CEE: 10 hours, PM: 10 hours, total of 30 hours / $2250 + event and webinar costs $2750 (Melbourne) = $5000Total: $25,000 / 330 hoursPart of the phase 3 budget ($6000) might be used for external analysis services to get the mass of data clearly summarised. In that case the hours used internally will decrease but the budget will remain the same.

ArneTech is also committed to provide additional hours or funding if needed to complete the project.