Project Description:

We know the value of community and stakeholder engagement, but do our CEOs, managers and communities? Engagement is coming under increased scrutiny to demonstrate its value. As engagement becomes embedded into all levels of government and many infrastructure projects it will become essential for all of us to demonstrate the reach, depth and quality of our practice. Articulous proposes the largest ever survey to evaluate and measure the state of the practice powered by

Advocating for Engagement:

For IAP2 to be able to advocate for engagement we must be able to fully understand the breadth, diversity and quality of community and stakeholder engagement across Australasia. Without hard data, our profession can’t continue to grow. We need evidence to convince those in government of the value of engagement to improving society. Without data, the profession is based on belief. More than just a survey we need a fully evaluated state of the practice – who is working on what and where. We want to reach as many engagement practitioners as possible and hear about their work and what it involves. More than just a survey, we’ll create a full picture of the state of the engagement practice – who is working on what and where - using concepts and an online avatar generator that was developed for the Core Value Award winning project ‘Our Cairns’ And then we’ll deliver the results in a report, a video and interactive tools that will demonstrate the value of engagement to the world.

Strengthening Engagement Networks:

Our membership is disparate and dispersed. It stretches from those who work on local council strategic activities, to those working in community relations for road projects. The evaluation project would seek to understand those differences, as well as what’s common. By collecting detailed information about the state of the engagement profession, we will provide IAP2 with an opportunity to share the knowledge, and to create a series of local events. This project would deliver a tangible product to underpin a number of event series where members could come together to network. It would also identify how the profession is working well, building a base for continued growth. Further, the results would be designed to - Strengthen engagement practitioners’ networks and connections across the profession- Strengthen engagement practitioners’ standing and reputation across their own organisational networks, especially with decision makers- Provide a tangible tool to conduct conversations.

Advocating Professional Development:

This project would provide a benchmark for the current practice. It would describe how engagement is being practiced, so that IAP2 would be able to develop professional development to meet the needs of those practitioners. Evaluation is one of the weakest areas for the community and stakeholder engagement profession. It’s rarely done and it’s usually project-specific so there is no sharing of knowledge. This project would seek to address both these issues. Professional development in evaluation is critical for the profession to grow and to meet the increasingly high expectations from engagement. Articulous developed Evaluation Hub as a project evaluation tool that aligns with the Core Values and global Quality Assurance Standards for community and stakeholder engagement as developed by IAP2. This online tool can be implemented to measure the reach and effectiveness of the broader engagement practice. Today.


Development of survey $5,000

Development of shareable computer-generated avatars to drive survey participation $5,000

Generation of survey report, video and interactive tools to be used by any IAP2 member $8,000

Total $18,000