IAP2A has funding set aside to help deliver the IAP2 Australasia Strategic Plan (which will guide IAP2A’s work until 30 June 2020).

The project is seeking to offer IAP2A members an opportunity to directly influence how we spend $100,000 over the next twelve months. We want you to have an opportunity to:

  • Design and submit ideas that will help to benefit members and deliver on our strategic plan.
  • Directly decide which projects and initiatives will benefit members most and should be prioritised for funding over the next 12 months.
  • Experience and participate in a participatory budgeting process.
  • IAP2A is partnering with Harvest Digital Planning to deliver the Pitch for the Practice project. We have also engaged MosaicLab consultants who are providing project management support.

    Participatory budgeting (PB) can broadly be described as a democratic decision-making process where everyday citizens

    negotiate about and decide how to allocate at least part of a budget (generally a public budget).

    We have created a free resource that overviews participatory budgeting processes and provides examples of case studies from around the world. Go to pitch.iap2.org.au to view and download this free resource.

    Please note that good participatory budgeting processes generally incorporate a deliberative component where people come together to discuss projects and priorities. Due to time constraints and the geographical spread of our members, we have designed Pitch for the Practice to be a condensed version of a participatory budgeting process. Therefore, we are limited in our ability to conduct these types of discussions directly. We encourage members to help ensure this process is a collaborative one and to start or join a conversation:

    • In the submissions phase, connecting and collaborating with other members, practitioners and project partners and conducting robust discussions around project design and planning before you submit your project.
    • In the voting phase, connecting with other members to discuss and deliberate over the project options providedbefore you vote.

    From 21 May 2018, IAP2A members are invited to ‘pitch a project’ as part of the submissions phase. Submissions close midnight Sunday 17 June 2018.

    All eligible projects will then be put to a member vote - you can decide which projects should be prioritised and where the money should go. Voting is scheduled to open on Monday 25 June 2018.

    Winning projects will be announced in early-mid July 2018 and project implementation will occur between July 2018 and 30 June 3019.

    View this project roadmap for an overview of our overarching project timeline and key phases.

    There are two ways IAP2 Australasia members can take part:

    1. From 21 May 2018, you can ‘pitch a project’. Put forward an idea that benefits our members and meets the pillars of IAP2 Australasia’s strategic plan: advocating for engagement, strengthening engagement networks and/or advancing professional development.

    Visit pitch.iap2.org.au for more information or to get involved.

    2. Don’t have a project idea? You can still participate! All eligible projects will be put to a member vote. From 25 June 2018 can decide which projects should be prioritised and where the money should go.

    International IAP2 members can submit a project, however terms and conditions and eligibility requirements apply.

    International IAP2 members cannot vote in the voting phase.

    If you are already a subscriber to IAP2A emails, you will receive notification of key phases, information and project updates. If you register to vote, you can also choose to subscribe and receive IAP2A updates.

    We encourage everyone to share this opportunity with their contacts using the hashtag #PitchForThePractice on social media. We would like as many members as possible to be aware of the opportunity to take part.


    Everyone who would like to participate in the voting phase must register. You can register at any time during the process at pitch.iap2.org.au. Voting opens on the 25th June 2018 and will continue for 2 weeks.

    Each member is able to vote once only. Each voter will be provided $100,000 digital ‘dollars’ to allocate across the projects they want to see funded.

    Voting is only open to currently registered IAP2 Australasian members. Not an IAP2A Member? Click here to join.

    Project Submissions

    Fill out the project submission form on the website. Please ensure you draft and save your work in another document on your desktop before you type it into this electronic form to ensure any work is not lost if there are connectivity or other technical issues.

    Submissions close midnight Sunday 17 June 2018.

    All projects that meet the eligibility criteria will go through to the voting phase.

    All submissions will undergo an eligibility assessment before they are approved for the voting phase. If we require more information or clarity on your project, or something has gone wrong with your application, we will contact you prior to the voting phase.

    The submitter of the project is responsible for its implementation. Every submission must include details of the organisation (an Australian or New Zealand registered entity) that is sponsoring that project. Funds will be provided to that organisation to implement the project.

    Yes! You can submit as many projects as you like. Every project must be able to be implemented by June 30, 2019, so ensure that if all your projects win funding, you/your organisation is able to implement them all within this timeframe.

    Yes – your project’s total cost (or the total amount you are seeking through this process) can be any amount up to $25,000.

    You can submit a phase or key element of your project. Clearly outline in your proposal what step is being nominated for funding, and how both this phase and the overall project meets the eligibility requirements.

    We encourage project submitters to conduct some robust planning before making a submission. This might include the following steps:

  • Brainstorm a project idea
  • Identify how the project can benefit IAP2A members and meet IAP2A strategic pillars
  • Confirm sponsor/lead organisation support
  • Identify any project partners
  • Clarify key steps, deliverables and milestones
  • Cost the project fully
  • Complete your project submission by midnight Sunday 17 June 2018.
  • Yes – you can share a link to the voting page and talk about your project during the voting phase using the

    hashtag #PitchForThePractice.

    1. You will be contacted by the Project Manager in writing. You will also be provided with a simple contract that will need to be signed and returned within 3 business days.

    2. You will be required to implement the project by 30 June 2019.

    Project winners will be responsible for:

  • Managing and implementing the project (includes risk management, problem solving, administration and all other project management tasks)
  • Spending the funding responsibly
  • Reporting back to IAP2A on key milestones
  • You will be contacted by the Project Manager in writing.

    Whatever isn’t spent by June 30 2019 will be retained by or returned to IAP2A. A milestone report will be required before any milestone payment is made. Unspent funding will be put towards future IAP2A projects.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to be flexible with the completion deadline. If due to unforeseen circumstances you realise you’re unable to complete your project during the project implementation phase, you will be required to advise IAP2A of this as early as possible.