Project Description:

The Knowledge Exchange free mentoring program brings members together to support each other. Senior practitioners provide short or long-term mentoring to upskill others. Mentors/mentorees can be matched by location (local/nationally/internationally), skills or sectors, and can meet in person, by phone or online. Similar programs work in other professions and, once set up, are run by volunteers.

Helps achieve strategic pillars: Strengthening Engagement Networks/Advancing Professional Development

Strengthening Engagement Networks:

This Knowledge Exchange project addresses two key objectives of this pillar:

  • Members are engaged, contributing to and building the practice, both within Australasia and internationally.
  • Young professionals are encouraged and supported.

The Knowledge Exchange links members with each other to provide mentoring and support at all levels. For more senior practitioners, it is an opportunity to “give back” to the sector.

For other practitioners, it is an opportunity to learn and be encouraged and supported in a safe space to ask questions and raise issues. For all, it provides a way to meet other members, learn from each other and extend networks. With free online conferencing (e.g. Skype), this program can match mentors and mentorees according to areas of skills and interest, no matter where they are located.

Over years, people could work with several mentors/mentorees. Volunteer mentors will find this a rewarding opportunity to meet new people and to also learn. This is a knowledge exchange after all!

Advocating Professional Development:

This program addresses two key objectives of this pillar:

  • IAP2A offers a suite of other professional development opportunities
  • An IAP2A mentoring program is available to advance and strengthen the practice

The Knowledge Exchange program will enable IAP2A to provide a low cost mentoring program, where people can apply each year and have a number of different mentors/mentorees over time to strengthen their practice and extend their networks.

Mentoring could be short term or long term, to fill a specific knowledge or skills gap, or to provide long term support.

This program includes developing resources for both mentors and mentorees to get the most out of the arrangement and provides some telephone and online support to mentors and mentorees, if required.

This kind of volunteer-based mentoring program has been working well and cost-effectively for other professional bodies, eg, the PRIA and Marketing Women.Once developed, it can be run via volunteers or with limited paid input.


Resource development $4,000

  • Develop resources for mentors and mentorees to get the most out of the arrangement
  • Develop resources required to run the program, including advertising blurb, application forms, criteria for matching
  • Recruiting a committee to review submissions and help with the matching process (optional)
  • Coordinating one round of the program, including promotion, reviewing applications, linking mentors and mentorees
  • Providing telephone and online support to mentors and mentorees, if required (allowance of 10 hours)
  • Survey with mentors and mentorees and some telephone interviews
  • Developing a short report and adjusting of resources and process as required
  • Providing a complete set of instructions and materials so that they program can be run by others (volunteers or paid staff) in the future.

Committee recruitment$ 750

Coordination of process$5,000


Evaluation process$4,000

Handover manual$2,000

Total cost: $18,750 plus GST