Project Description:

New tracks will help build collective change capacity in Queensland communities through free training. Focusing on community-led development, place-based approaches and active civic participation, this project will empower and support people to lead community responses.

25 community members from 12 regions will be trained in how to hold strategic community conversations using collaborative models, adaptive leadership and action plans. This benefits IAP2 members by forming a regional network.

Advocating for Engagement:

New Tracks will foster community engagement through layered phased strategies. The initial recruitment phase will utilise our community forums, social media platforms, traditional media and communication through our strong membership base.Promotion will be targeted at community organisations, government, local groups and citizens. Training will be free and travel and accommodation costs subsidised to encourage uptake from diverse groups. Training will be held in Brisbane with the group forming an ongoing community of practice and regional network of community activators.

The group will be supported by a resource toolkit, portal and our virtual and direct support. In the second half of the project, we will work with participants to host community conversations focused on building relationships, community asset mapping and collaborative responses to local issues. Participants will become community activators who foster increased engagement in their local communities.

Strengthening Engagement Networks:

The New Tracks project will have 3 phases: Promotion and recruitment; Training of community activators and Co-hosting community conversations. Across these phases the project will foster the creation of new intentional networks and strengthen existing ones by developing the collaborative skills of community members.

Phase 1-The recruitment stage will link people with the our ‘Movement for Change’ which is a state-wide discourse on change and collective action.

Phase 2-The training will encourage engagement practices focused on promoting active citizenship, co-design and collaborative impact approaches and create a regional network of skilled community engagement practitioners.

Phase 3- The community conversations will promote exploration of key local issues and collaborative responses with the potential for the formation of working groups. The participant community of practice will create a Queensland wide regional network providing engagement opportunities for IAP2 members.

Advocating Professional Development:

The New Tracks project will create professional development opportunities for community sector workers and citizens across Queensland to develop leadership and collaborative skills. IAP2 funding of this project would enable us to provide this opportunity to individuals and staff from small community organisations free of charge.Broadening the accessibility of this training will encourage professional development for people who may not normally participate and will diversify the profile of participants.


Website $2,000 - Portal development and maintenance - in-kind contribution

Consultancy Fees - $7,000 - 2 days delivery plus preparation

Event Expenses - $2,000 - Venue Hire and Accommodation

Printing & Stationery - $700 - Toolkit

Publications and Media$2,000 - local radio advertising and print

Wages & Salaries - $39,480 - Inc Super + Leave Loading - in-kind contribution

Travel & Accommodation - $12,500 - based on $500 subsidy per person to attend training

IAP2 contribution: $24,200

In-kind Contribution: $41,480

Total Project Costs: $65,680